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How to play DTS5.1 on Easy DVD Player

When we watch a movie we value not only the image quality but also the acoustic fidelity. Easy DVD Player can meet the satisfaction of your eyes as well as your ears.

As for now, Easy DVD Player can support the high-quality of DTS 5.1 output.

We know that Easy DVD Player plays almost all the video media and files. Supporting DTS 5.1 makes this player software even better.

Then again, you may get a little confused about how to enjoy the fun that this technology brings you on Easy DVD Player. In this article, you will find the solution.

Step One: Free Download

Free download Easy DVD Player from our official website.

Step Two: Connection

Get an optical fiber cable. Connect one connection to the audio output terminal of your PC.

Connect the other end to the loudspeaker box through the digital optical port.

Step Three: Playback

Through the normal playback format, the effect will present stereo on the screen of the loudspeaker box.

Click "Tool" in the tool bar of Easy DVD Player. Then open the "Preference" in "Tool".

Choose "Audio" and select the option of "Use S/PDIF when available". Finally, click "OK" to start.

Then the effect will present "dts Digital" on the screen of the loudspeaker box.

Now it brings the audio experience to the high level. Via DTS5.1, you can enjoy the movies to your heart’s content.

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