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Easy DVD Player Startup Interface


「Startup Interface」

  Icon Button Hotkey Description
A Navigational slider
Visually display elapsed playback time. Click along the slider to jump to different moments in the movie. Click and drag the slider to use Instant Seek to quickly browse and find specific scenes within your movie.
B Play/Pause Enter/Space bar Play and pause media playback.
C Stop Space Stop playback of media.
D Next Ctrl+Right Jump to next chapter on the movie disc.
E Previous Ctrl+Left Jump to next chapter on the movie disc.
F Mute/Volume adjustment Ctrl+Up Ctrl+Down Click to mute the volume; click again to turn mute off. To manually adjust the volume, hover your mouse over this button and then use the slider to increase or decrease the volume.
G Full screen Ctrl+F Click to toggle full screen mode.
H Share   Recommend the movie or share the movie's information or your review to your friends on Facebook or Twitter.